Away we go.

I realize it looks like my life is about climbing. It is definitely not. But if I took pictures of my every day life I just don’t think you would believe me. So here comes some more climbing..

We set off on Friday after work. It was cold, to express it lightly. When we arrived three hours later it was pitch black, below zero degrees and impossible to find a way to climb the hill with our motorbikes. So we scouted out the land, stumbling up the hillside, guided by our head torches that had about the same light efficiency as a fire fly. buces aAfter a long long time we found the perfect spot below the rock face. We went down to the bikes again and walked up the hill again like little turtles with all our luggage on the back. We put up the tents, made hot chocolate and went to bed. I’ve never really been fond of tents. Because it’s always in the summer we camp and it get’s all sweaty and claustrophobic. But this time I was shivering when I zipped myself into that world of dune and warmth and  I can tell you I thanked God for our little mobile home.buces bWoke up to a clear blue sky and frost on the ground.buces cAfter a slow morning with coffee, strawberry yoghurt and salami for breakfast we started the walk towards the rock. It looks like it’s close, but I can tell you that when you walk uphill it’s not. buces dTwo friends.buces fNigel was a bit poorly so he fell asleep as soon as we got there.

buces gSo me and Ahlberg had some bonding time. buces h
I didn’t dare to take more pictures since I was holding the rope and therefore this man’s life in my hands. buces iPeter Pan.buces jCiorba (yes, the regular one!)buces kAfter a few hours Nigel woke up and insisted on the fact that he was well enough to climb.buces lWe checked out some new routes.buces nAnd climbed them all.buces pWalked home accompanied by the setting sun.buces oMade a fire, made food and talked as you should with friends on an adventure.

End of day one.



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