Just saying.

What more can I ask for than this? A fire burning within me and two strong arms to embrace me. The complexity of two heartbeats becoming a stomp orchestra of beauty. Music no one has ever heard. I sign up for that contract as long as it leaves me to own nothing and love everything. When we talk about people I often see them as unfolded paper planes, I want to tell them that they’ll never be able to fly like that. We’re all blank sheets of paper, but the art to be folded is a fine one. I know my legs are restless but I’ll stay with you forever. Let us be thrown up in the air, like those paper plans we are. Being used to our full potential. There is something special with the times we are living in. we can never get it back. There is something so special about you I know I would not find even if I was looking for another four hundred years. Like those lost people in the desert. Looking for a home where they could stay. Those times we are living in. It takes a wildfire to not be eaten alive by those animals, I have forgotten now what they are called. But it does not matter. We are so alive, under a never ending gazing sky. If i stop being surprised you have to love me back to reality again. This never ending passionate drama. Keep that hunger. Gosh I love you so. I wish I knew more languages so I could tell you, in all kinds of imaginative ways that I do LOVE YOU SO and this is just an attempt to say that cause sometimes I think that that is how simple it is. Love and stuff you know. We all have it. The capacity within.



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