Did you know that stress can cause you a rash?

And combine that with the weather getting colder and all kinds of viruses floating around in the air and lurking around (or on) every corner and you for sure don’t wanna get up from your bed in the morning. Or well, i didn’t. I looked as bad as i felt.

A “slight” vitamin D overdosis as addition to bucket loads of tea (with honey) empowered me to make it to the train that took me to my parents place in the magical town called In-the-middle-of-nowhere.

Two days here and the rash is gone. And the rush. It’s been very sunny and beautiful here (though not warm). And i think all the viruses have been blown away by all this fresh, Finnish autumn air wind, too.

I left my high heels at home and put on my hobo/lumberjack-look.




We were trying to rescue the lawn from the great seasonal leaf attack.


We did eventually succeed at some level.


Mum had baked me a flour-free cake. Aww. She did remember.


It’s so quiet here. Love going for walks on the little field roads. The dogs love it, too.

IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2881 IMG_2880

What i don’t love, is going to people to say goodbye. I’d rather just leave without saying bye to anyone. The dog is taking it easy at my Grandmother’s place, though.


But now i’ve sorted out my stuff and said goodbyes. Peace, yo.

So now that i’m de-stressed, i can go re-stress myself in Helsinki again.

Goodbye, Härmä.

See you again at some point (maybe).



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