My life as a servant will begin at last

I’m sitting on the floor of my apartment. This is exactly the view I’ve taken a picture of so many times in the last 13 months. I’ve actually lost count on how often I’ve moved in that period of time.



This time I’m moving to the city of Espoo, to live with my brother and his family for my last 3 weeks in Finland. This is the start of my journey as a nomad. The goal is to bless more than bother, so I guess it’s gonna be all about serving them.

I’m surrounded by a sea of boxes and bare walls. Gathering strength for a big clean-up.
My cupboards are as empty as my head right now.

The last two weeks have been such an emotional roller coaster ride, I’m not sure I will survive all the way to my new home in Romania. Preparing for the adventure of my life didn’t come as cheerfully and easy as I had hoped.
But that might just be a natural outcome of packing as lightly as I can.

It’s time to prune.

In the last weeks I have not only given up some of my favourite foods and most of my belongings but also finished my studies and cancelled all extra course participation, resigned from my current job, turned down interesting opportunities – even people. Anything that might shake my focus.

It’s time for more of this:


I’m counting days. I Can’t wait to get to Romania.

Gosh, life is so good.



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