That song, Romania

That song, like a steady heartbeat pulsating under the ground. Making us move, to it, new steps, a new rhythm. I’ve heard it’s a song for the liars, a song for the lost ones and those from who you turn your head away on the street. It’s a song for the starving, the small. It’s a song for me.

And you see, I’ve started to hear this song in the most unexpected places. On the crowded trams, walked out at the not yet tarmacked roads of Arad, whistled from the mouths of those chess-playing men in the park, the kids on top of their voices swinging back and forth, up to heaven and down on earth in one excited go. It’s so contagious. You don’t even have to open your mouth to spread it. It kind of rubs off. It spreads like dust. Into. Every. Crack. I hear it walking past the carpenters. With every hammered in nail. Nail after nail banged in to that same rhythm. Creating something magnificent. Something that will stand. For generation after generation.

And that’s where I see bridges being built, between impossibilities. I think that’s the new trend. Go and hug your enemy. That is truly the future. Believe in the trashed and broken. Be that person you’ve always dreamt of being. That dances passionately in a crowd full of serious people. That dares to listen to not the noise, but that silent voice. Of God. Through that child. Through that song. Through the most unexpected thing you can ever think of. And then live it. Live it out. Start listen to the drum beat. That steady pulsating heartbeat under the ground. And let it move you, come on, dance!


One thought on “That song, Romania

  1. Julia, det här ger mig gåshud i mängder. Otroligt vackert skrivet!
    (tack för din väldigt fina kommentar på min blogg)

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