Country life part 2.

Me, Madeleine and Karin decided to take a Saturday trip to Pancota, the local market where you can buy anything from baby dinosaurs and vegetables to real horses and shoes. You always come home with something unexpected. bHere are some rabbit and bird-selling. But the chaps seemed more interested in conversation than making money. As it should be!aThe fruit section. At this point I’d lost both Karin and Mad and them each other. cHere I found Karin, and she found some puppies ❤dI’d love to borrow this one for a week.eBack together with our finds. gHitched home and got visited by these beauties. The joy of not having central heating.fThey where munching away on our decoration.eeBut at least left behind this load of wood. Now it’s time to build some muscles again. I was trying to pursue Nigel to let me borrow his chain saw, but he won’t let me… so it’s probably the blunt axe again.

The evening ended with friends and a bonfire in the garden. Autumn, bring it on!



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