Kotor and visiting friends in Tirane.

Some more from our travelling.

“Hade velat skriva om bergen, om havet, om allt det där som har försökt beskrivas av människor i så många hundra år utan att lyckas. Men de överträffar oss i verkligheten. Bara sitter där och är spektakulära i all sin enkelhet. Men jag kan sträcka mig så långt som att säga att det här, det är banne mig det vackraste jag sett.”

We are surrounded by mountains (Kotor), panorama view,annoyingly impossible to capture in a picture though.daThe old town. One good place to live boys and girls. Good fish soup and beauty all around.dbSome writing by the river.dcLeaving the day after towards Albania. The road goes all the way just next to the sea. So it was just to park the bike and jump in whenever it got too hot. Glam!ddReaching Albania and the wonderful family Beier whom Nigel met last time he was here. We stayed with them and did family-stuff for a few days. Like digging each other down in the sand on the beach. deGorgeous Hannah. Constantly asking brilliant questions like “How did the salt get in to the sea?” Made me see how little I know. I mean, how did it get in?dfSome hand standing.dhSome towerbuilding.diSome turtle-finding.djSome jumping off the pier.dkSome crabb-fishing.dlSome climbing.dmeverything you could ever want.

We also met up with Dag, a Norwegian missionary, and went on what we thought where going to be a walk. But instead we ended up doing 8 hours of canyoning  up waterfalls and swimming and climbing. Holy moly. ask Nige to tell you one day when you’re over for tea. It was wild.

After four days we packed up and set off again. Towards Croatia!



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