In the sky i saw the birds were singing, they sung lalalalalala and I felt so good.

It has been a truly amazing week. We all attended the Catch the fire conference, ILSOM. Fab! Go if you can. Take a plane to Canada or whatever, just go!

Now I am a bit shattered though. 9 to 9 schedule is tiring me out nowadays. So after Nige gently waking me up at ten to twelve, I decided to spend my day in this chair. And so I have. And it’s been so good. hemmThe sky is clear and high and full of the sun and the air is cool but the sun is warm and I just love love living in Romania right now. With the whole yard full of grapes and my crazy banana dogs running around in the garden.ahhI tried to capture Henry on a picture for like five minutes, but didn’t manage.dogchaseShe likes to cuddle for about three seconds, and then she gets distracted and run off to smell something or chase a grasshopper, her own shadow or whatever.threeHere is the tail wagging gang.

Thank you God for a day like this, and may it be many many more.



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