First days, first pitfalls, first failures (and probably not the last)

Don’t know if it’s just the fact that a giant amount of stress got relieved after writing the final last lines to my thesis, or an outcome of making a major diet change, that made me sleep for 13 hours last night. Maybe a bit of both. When your body suddenly doesn’t get fuel in the form it used to, the result can be a bit of an inner crisis of “where are we now getting fuel to keep this person moving”. Good thing stored fat can be used to do just that. The body just needs a bit of an adjustment period to figure that out… and that can make you feel a bit tired at first.


I have to admit, i faced the first challenge of my nutritional desicion already about two hours after making it public. It was sunday and there was something in me longing to go to a traditional church service. So i went. And there it was, breaking the paleo rules in the form of a little, paper-thin, so-called bread and a little sip of wine. I can be strong-willed and disciplined, if i want to, but not taking part in the communion because of my diet seemed a step too far.

So i’ve already broken the rules.

And challenges are indeed facing me everywhere i go. Next thing: work.

The bakery next door to our shop won’t be a useful place to get a snack for the work break anymore. So what now? Only solution: prepare it at home. Plan ahead. Every. Time. Every. Day.


Other than the bit of extra trouble caused by planning, i’ve started of really well! I must have some sort of wheat allergy, because my stomach feels so much better only after a couple of days. The last two weeks i’ve had this unwanted eight-months-pregnant-woman-look going on (not very helpful as a single lady, btw…)…. No more of that!


Well then, me and my lunch box are off to work!



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