Never before have I been so happy about having time to clean (or to just sit on the floor and stare at the white wall)

Well then,

I pressed ‘send’ and my thesis flew off to a first check-up. It will probably fly back with a long letter of things that still should be corrected… But now I’m just so happy this 3 month process of thesis-writing is finally beginning to take its last steps… It has been exhausting.

I just arrived back in my messy home after a long day at uni.


The books on the floor that have formed a sort of papery carpet can finally be taken back to the library, where they came from.


Dishes that didn’t wash themselves though I waited patiently, can finally be polished to their shiny best and hidden away. Cupboards full of stuff waiting to be given away to a new home can be sorted out.
The banana boxes have already made a come back.


Not yet one project done, the other one already on the way…. The preparation to leave Finland – for a x amount of time.

Exciting times.

And scary.



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