My life goes Paleo.

Don’t worry, this won’t become a weight loss blog.

It’s just that i’m about to graduate soon, have pretty much written my thesis and am therefore about to enter a stress-free comfort zone. Who would want that? Life should offer constant challenge and chances for growth. If the surroundings don’t offer those for me, I guess they need to be created.

And therefore I decided to try out something (for real this time) i’ve wanted to do for months now already: shifting my diet completely from normal to Paleolithic (abbreviated Paleo and also known as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet or hunter-gatherer diet) ( )

I actually hate using the word diet, because Paleo is so much more than that – it’s a lifestyle. Eating well, sleeping well, playing hard and exercising like being chased after by a lion.

DSC_0447 - Version 2

No need for counting calories or checking up nutritional charts, because all the food i will be consuming is natural, high in nutrients and all kinds of good stuff. Also, no need to be stressing about meal times. I can eat when i’m hungry and i can eat anything i feel like eating (well, of course in the lines of  “eat only what a caveman would be able to eat”). I guess it’s all about learning to listen to your body again.

Our ancestors slept when it was dark, so i should, too. People used to live more in community and life was not all about work, work, work…. there was also play. After a month of just working and writing the thesis (alone) at home i am very much graving for some company and lots of laughter and fun. And why not try out some outdoor games, too?

People also used to move around more. Not only the people waaaay back, who had to perform physically well to get their food and therefore, move to stay alive, but the ancestors working long days on fields and forests. Don’t know about you, but my work is pretty much about looking at a person talking in front of a class room or me standing behind a counter and looking at clothing racks. Not particularly active.

Mark ( ) and Steve ( promise me lots of improvement in general health and energy levels when following the Paleo lifestyle and encourage people to at least try it out for 30 days. Good thing September has exactly 30 of them.

So why not? I literally have nothing else to lose than some weight.

So for the next 30 days i will be your Paleo-try-out-hamster and let you know if the shift to a more natural way of life would be worth it.

I’ve had attempts to move to a Paleo way of life before, but at some point the shift of diet has become too much of a strain… not for me though, but for other people. Having a special diet, be it low carb, lactose free, gluten free, vegan or whatever, makes social situations – which often include eating and drinking – much more difficult. And the thing is, other people always seem to have a bigger problem and more issues with it than i do.


“So what can you eat?”, “Oh now we can’t go to eat there because of your diet…”, “Come on, you can have at least one little bite of this cake i made especially for us (even though i know about the restrictions of your diet), please, i’ll be disappointed, if you don’t..” and so on and so forth. So now i’ve just decided to become a selfish, difficult special-diet-person and stick with my own view of things (because i know i’m right on this one). At least for 30 days.

The biggest change in my life will be the one of my food, so how on earth should i start?

First step: clear fridge and cupboards from anything “forbidden” = anything that is processed or contains ingredients that are not good for your health like sugar or vegetable oils. – Check.

Second step: Fill fridge and cupboards with vegetables, fruits, acceptable oils, fish, eggs and MEAT. -Check.

Third step: Veggie away.


If you’d like some more information on the caveman diet explained in a simple way, visit for some Legolicious stuff.

Until later, people….



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