Discomfort regaled at leisure.

Drumfest is over and the nomads have come home. Unfortunately I just managed to take two photos during the festival. Well well.
aCamping reception in it’s prime.jBojjan shining in her yellow vest and just have to cast an eye at people for crowd control. Bad ass as usual.iThe festival has ended and of course the rain starts pouring as soon as all the fun has ended and we just have all the packing and cleaning left to do. eNothing is more sad looking than an flat bouncy castle…

f.. and a kids tent on it’s way down in the rain.hNige is sparkling still though.gSomehow he always manage. Madeleine says it’s crucial for a grumpy thing like me to be with someone like him. I agree.dMe and Camilla are taking down gazebos. It’s day three after the festival and quite hard to not give up. So many things. To pack. Up and away. And we had to dig around in the big waste bins for all the cardboard boxes someone had thrown away by accident. Unglamorous.cWill got the chance to share his patriotism with us all and well happy about getting ten people on board and united under the Welsh flag. bThe wreck after another couple of weeks camping.

After a bit of calculation I realized we have spent almost 50 days in a tent since June.

I feel like summer 2013 manned up a bit.



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