In the passing by.

I have visited nine countries in seven weeks. I have spent four of those weeks in a tent, and one on an air mattress. My house is full of cob web, my garden is overgrown and thankfully my dogs yet alive. My memory card is full and the hard drive is about to crash. It feels like we’re all waiting for each other to take the first step.

Our days don’t really have any start and stop, they kind of goes into each other. The only thing separating things out are the set breakfast, lunch, fika and dinner times. Drumfest starts on Thursday. The sound engineers comes tomorrow. I shouldn’t lie. We do have a lot of things to do.tält

The centre of my universe is in the middle of nowhere. People from my past and future have become a part of the present tense. It is a very special life we are living, on this little piece of dust called earth.

We have also had a certain Finnish person here.

Tell you more later,



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