Postcards from Hungary

IMG_7862Last Saturday I took the train to Budapest to meet up with my old friend and companion Madeleine. Spent most of the ride sleeping after knocking down some strong pain killers for my wisdom tooth that decided to start growing just this particularly beautiful summer morning.IMG_7864Felt all giddy to finally be back on a train, witch is according to me, the absolute best way of traveling.IMG_7866 Turned up in a 39 degree hot Budapest around lunch.IMG_7872And spent most of the afternoon walking around looking for nice parks to snooze and read in.IMG_7873Watched this and felt incredibly good.IMG_7875The world just seemed like such an uncomplicated place today.IMG_7886I even surprised everyone with finding the hostel (after having a break down the evening before when I realized I had booked one in columbia instead of Hungary and lost all kinds of believes in myself and my capability of pretty much anything).

Anyway, I even had time to buy a pair of jeans and help some lost girls to find their way to town (ME, GIVING SOMEONE ELSE DIRECTIONS!!!!!?) before Mad arrived. And from the second she came, until 2 in the morning we talked non stop, so I had just no time taking a picture.

Left in the morning, to the country full of handsome people, coffee and buns.



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