And so we entered the country where a young innocent Britany Spears is still the face covering the ads for Pepsi.

This is like time travelling. And yesterday I saw fireflies for the first time! I went into the forest to wee and saw a light floating in the air and slowly coming against me. I got flashbacks to playing in the garden with my brother and cousins, when suddenly a light comes on somewhere in the woods just behind the garden. It probably was the neighbours outside light, but we drew the conclusion it was an UFO. And we absolute panicked. Me and Karin ran into each other and I banged my head and she ended up having to carry me in. Anyway. Last night it wasn’t quite as dramatic, but pretty it was. I thought God did a good job making some of those. 

baWoke up to this.bbCosy as never before.bcNigel exploring the surroundings.bdBuddy.beCrossing the Serbian and Bosnian border, on the move.bfStopping for a cup a soup brake on a hill…bgand three locals comes up to us out of visible uncontained curiosity. This doesn’t come across as a place where tourists pop up like that very often.  We are drinking coffee together. They speak in Bosnian and we’re swapping randomly between all the languages we know. The guy in the yellow jumper has retired and planted an orchard, so that he’ll be able to make raki and keep the boredom away. They are 20 people living in this village. I’d class that at hardcore.”bhWe reach Sarajevo ten past one. The building really are full of bullet holes. We mix with all the tourists, walking around the white stone laid streets in the older quarters.”bi bj bk blDrinking a coffee, slowing down to 60 km/h even in our heads. Setting off towards Montenegro in the afternoon sun. 



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