Safe and sound.

We’re back. With the dogs and the vines and the overgrown garden. The ants have taken over the corner of the kitchen, Karin have broken two plates and someone’s backpack seems to have been forgotten outside. Except from that, normal.

But, to be fare. It all looks a bit scruffy and worn down, like it always does when I’ve been gone. But normally I’ve arrived from slightly higher standards, now It’s been a tent. So I didn’t expect to wake up with a strong urge to hover before breakfast. Well well.

We never reached Greece, but we got stuck in the Albanian mountains instead. It was seriously wild. As in really wild. Like, I was scared for real. But back we got eventually, after eating humble pie for breakfast and taking the highway. We drove 900 km in a row. It took 15 hours. All the romantic dreams I had in my head about riding fast on a bike was long gone by the time we reached Cuvin. But everything has it’s time, I have to start with the beginning.



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