Day one and two, Cuvin-Jimbolia-Sabac

We’re in a wheat field. The surroundings are fuller of scare crows than people. I pretend I’m in gladiator or 300 or whichever flipping good film you like. Yesterday cruising through villages in 60 km/h, watching the sunflowers standing like Swedes thirsting after the sun in April, with their faces towards the sky. It feels undeniably good to know that within 20 km I’ll be out of reach from free Vodafonecalls. Our trip has started, it’s day two and it feels good.

aWaking up in Jimbolia, 20 km from the Serbian border.acThe patterns.abNigel always wakes up like 2 hours before me.adThis is what I’m talking about.aeMorning coffee and writing this.

agDriving to Novi Sad and randomly running in to a massive fortress. Unfortunately I managed to delete most of the pictures.ahMe at the top.aiThe Danube.ajThe rest of the day got deleted from my camera, but we found a place where we could put up the tent just before the last bit of light went out.



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