Greetings from Albania


I’ve made it to my first internet cafe, in Berat, this little Albanian town Nigel have wanted to show me since he was here more than two years ago, writing me long love letters about 

fireflies and old  men in tweed jackets. The place I’m sitting at is playing Albanian power ballads and outside the heat is preparing people for their two o clock siesta.

I don’t think there is one single stressed person here. Everyone seems to know how to do 


Drinking a coffee, playing some chess, drinking a raki. I have so much to learn. Seriously, they even have this special think I’ve forgotten what it’s called, between 8 and 10 every evening, when suddenly EVERYONE comes out on the sr
teets and just walk, talk, eat sweetcorn and i don’t know, fall in love. It goes from a slumbering city to proper Way out west-traffic. It looks like it’s some huge happening going on, and for two hours it seems like all 75000 people are socializing in utter bliss. And then as quick as it’s starting, it also ends, and left are the raki drinking men in their white hair and hats. It is so good that I’m seriously thinking of introducing it to the western world. 

We are soon heading off to Greece before we jump on the autostrada that will take us home. Seriously, I’ve got so much to tell you! \

Miia, see you soon babe!! 



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