One little lie and here’s that one little confession:

Couldn’t live longer than a week without WordPress.
That was the confession. It’s at least in some way a positive addiction.

That turns my previous post about being away until the end of July a lie. I apologise.

It’s just that my brain needs a break from theory. One of the reasons I put on something colourful.



That jeans jacket I have stolen from my mom. It must be proper 90’s… or older.
Now that orange belt I have stolen from my ex boyfriends mom. (Not sure how this makes me look as a Christian… Just kidding, the crime happened with their approval)

My black shorts are a fine piece of H&M quality, as well as that orange top that lost most of its colour in the first wash. I bought the top in Athens a year ago when I was on my way to the island of Kefalonia to volunteer in a sea turtle research organisation. Good memories. Wearing it reminds me of the fact that there is only effort in doing research and a little bit of money in the way of living a dream.



My favourite pair. I should give them a wash. But who cares, I love them the way they are.


Hereby i just wanted to let you know I’m alive and I’m wearing makeup.



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