Intoarcerea este interzisa!

plugg2I must say Romanian bureaucracy almost killed me this week. I cried in the police station (again) because sometimes I feel like they have made cruelness into some kind of sport. First class example of how to misuse your power. I called Nigel because I didn’t want to howl on my on in that stupid galleria. Seriously. I’d like to kick his ass. (Not Nigel, the policeman).pluggBut then today I did a new try. At the police station (after solving those bullsxxt papers for 60 euros). And it was 41 people ahead of me in the line. And what happens? When it’s my turn they run out of flippin papers.  So they tell us to come back tomorrow. Ha ha.plugg3But maybe it was the grace of God. Now I have some more days to study. Under my vines. They have grown into a ceiling. But still. Ah.



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