Planting seeds, dancing like a wild child

Never in my life have i managed to keep a plant alive for more than five months. There’s been something very anti-motherlike, anti-caring and anti-settling growing inside of me, resulting in selfish, nervous and naive behaviour. Why waste money on plants? Those things develop roots and all.

Last week i found myself planting some. My Basil is already growing rapidly.


For years i considered myself too stupid to read and learn. For the last weeks i’ve been reading daily. The more i read, the more i want to learn. The more i learn, the more i realize someone has been lying to me.


I’ve always hated cooking. It’s been seeming like nothing i create in the kitchen can turn into a plateful of something eatable. Not sure if it has been a lack of skill or confidence. But recently i’ve found myself cooking for friends more frequently and inviting people over for lunch or coffee – successfully. (Maybe you should come over sometime, too?)


DSC_0322 - Version 2

(And not that i only offer potatoes for people coming over – there was some fish accompanying these babies, too. Haha.)


What else have i been doing while i’ve been disconnected from the Internet?

I’ve been sitting on the floor of my room, leaning against the wall by the window and listening to the traffic outside.


Observing the sun paint beautiful colours on my wall while lying on my bed in the evening. She’s on her way to wake someone up already.


Just chillin’. What else do you need to live than breathe?

DSC_0314 DSC_0306

Dancing in my room like nobody’s watching (because no one is).

DSC_0282 DSC_0253 - Version 2

I believe in the great creator, who also likes to plant and harvest and watch things grow.

If this is the beginning, i’m looking forward to seeing what kind of flower i turn into.



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