Full of bruises, my feet are screaming

I moved house today (yesterday).

Sitting here on MY bed, in MY new apartment, looking over MY “territory” while drinking MY tea from MY cup gives ME a great feeling of happiness, gratitude and contentment.

Not that i didn’t enjoy sharing the room with five other girls like we did in Romania or all the other shared apartments I’ve lived in…. (and there are many good things about that, as well as good memories) …But there is something wonderful about not having to care about anyone else’s mess but your own. A new feeling that is – strange but good.

I never could have done this without help though. The guy at the back seat wasn’t particularly handy but lucky for him, he is the cutest boy ever (good looks always compensates for lack of skill, right?).


And in this picture, there it is…


…Everything I need to be happy in my 30 m2.



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