“Part of me is made of glass, and also, I love you.”

murray mitchell

I can’t believe it! I just found out my two absolute all time favourite writers are married,TO EACH OTHER!!!! Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss. Ah!

I mean just read this!

“I like to see people reunited, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can’t tell fast enough, the ears that aren’t big enough, the eyes that can’t take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone.” 
― Jonathan Safran Foer

“Why does one begin to write? Because she feels misunderstood, I guess. Because it never comes out clearly enough when she tries to speak. Because she wants to rephrase the world, to take it in and give it back again differently, so that everything is used and nothing is lost. Because it’s something to do to pass the time until she is old enough to experience the things she writes about.” 
― Nicole Krauss

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xx /J


One thought on ““Part of me is made of glass, and also, I love you.”

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