like a steam engine


I am out of the loop. What I care about is my plants. I don’t want my dogs to walk or sit or sleep on them. I want to see them grow. I want to see a movement. I like high speed. I used to like running. Nowadays, if I exercise, I do it because I want to be fit enough to swing kids high high up in the air. I don’t care who will become the next president of America. What I care about is seeing the man I love, and always will love, waking up next to me every morning. And seeing those plants reach higher.

I soon can’t put a single name to a single face of all these celebrities. But I have a name to each face of all those small ones I meet every day in that end station of a place we have choose to call the beginning. I doubt they will ever be on TV.

I have enough food to eat every day, but I don’t always understand where the money comes from. I don’t understand the stock market, or what the economical crisis was all about. But I understand you when you talk about steam engines. Because I think we all have them inside us. That unstoppable force. Like sun flowers always turning our faces towards the sun. I think I have learned more from my plants than from all newspapers gathered I’ve ever read. I like that they are not stressed like me, over all these things we definitely don’t want to get wrong. That we get wrong all the time. That they know exactly when it is time to grow. I want to be like them. I want to be like a steam engine every morning waking up next to you. Always on the move. Always reaching higher.


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