Four hundred kilometres on a bike and one-thousand two-hundred meters above the sea.

My mum is here! So we went for a spin!aMe and my mum, stopping for the evening. Made a fire and watched the clouds passing by like dinosaurs and baby turtles. Otherwise just sheep and a crackling fire. bGood morning.cBreakfast.eOn the road.fWent past places that looked like this.gLoaded donkey.hNigel chatted up some locals. Talked old cars and the price of meat.haHad lunch in this mega fantastic place. Carnats and bread and samantana.hbSupermegagott!dAnother break.hcAnd then we got to somewhere in the mountains. At this point I felt quite done with it all. Just wanted to fall asleep under some trees.heWinding roads surrounded by this.hdAnd this.hfInstead of sleep I ate some sugar.hgAnd we went on a via ferata. This kind of climbing thing when you have somewhere to hold.hhIt was beautiful.hiAnd fun, until I dropped my glasses in the river. Then I got grumpy again, in spite of the sugar rush.hjGot up in some other mountains, 1200 meters above the sea. It was super super cold. Nigel chatted up the owner of a hostel and we got to borrow loads of blankets.hkWoke up the next morning.hlHad some beautiful hours before the rain came. Sat and watched it.hmThen arrived in a mountain village, in what felt like in the middle of nowhere. The cherry trees where still blossoming.hnFound a sawmill with a stunning view.hpWith keys and everything.hqIt was just a little bit too good to be true for A and N. Especially when the owner came 5 minutes later and invited us home and offered them jobs whenever they wanted. hoWe left, and then the batteries died. Pretty good weekend though.



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