Your mission is do document and observe the world around you as if you’ve never seen it before.

Nigel had a sun stroke so I had a Saturday in solitude. Went for a run in the hills. Me and Pongo ran in to a flock of sheep and she flipped and started to chase them and the sheepdogs came and I just picture a massacre taking place. But the shepherd saved the situation. On the way down (like super steep) I fell flat on my tummy and slided like 2 meters and felt like running in Romania is probably better to to with another human being. a  So after making some bread and having a shower I went on a bike ride to Ghioroc with my silver Cresent ❤b This is where it’s all happening. Believe it or not, one of the first tramlines in Europe was put here. Now it’s probably more horse and carts than trams passing. Pretty awesome.c Just witnessed him getting that thing he has over his mouth off, it looked like it was itching. If I never get my driving licence I think I’ll get one off these. Horses and carts. d The most misplace building in the whole world. Makes me love it.e My street, the obligatory Dacia.f My super-bike. By the was it’s gone from spring nice weather to the kind of heat we get maybe 3 weeks per year in Sweden. My Scandinavian DNA is loving it and panicking at the same time. g Made some springy nice food for dinner. Nigel finally woke up. In the background you can see my plastic Cinderella shoes I found in she shop. What I’ve dreamt about since I was 5!!!!!!!!!h Love that you can put out laundry, it’s so pretty when it hangs there. i My man of peace. Evening reading. Still like 18 degrees.iiBye bye!



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