Another street-view.

It was a moment worthy a film scene earlier today when I walked down the street with Lucy. Manele is blasting out from speakers somewhere near, the normally deep mud has been transformed to dust in just a few days, and months of stored up laundry is hanging outside every house. The turbulent buzzing day has just calmed down. The arguments have stopped, the kids are not running around like on a sugar-boast, but actually calmly playing with each other, the ambition of today have been delayed until tomorrow. It feels like I no longer play a part in this drama, my role has walked off the scene, I am now just observing it.

All these faces with names with stories with regrets with successes with just too much to ever understand. They mean something to me. The film hasn’t just started. The characters in it are stencilled out. They have all been introduced. Some are playing a bigger role than others. But we don’t fully know why yet. Some are leaving for good, others are coming back after a long time away. Some occur like badies but are actually goodies. Some are just what you think they are, but most of them just constantly surprise you. It’s an awesome film. And it’s going on. I’m not sure of my part yet, but I’m definitely in it. I love it. I hate it. It makes me cry sometimes every day. It wrecks my heart. It makes me fly.

We drive through the city and the trees are still blossoming.
Some days I just want to remember forever and ever.



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