A morning in Helsinki

I’m just enjoying this moment.

Fine ladies are sitting around me reading, eating their Croissant and drinking their morning coffee (or tea – but i just always assume everyone prefers what i’d prefer). The sun is trying to shine brightly and straght into the cafe but the buldings are blocking its beauty. The outcome is a comfortable, positive light floating around the room, making the colours visible and the world a little less grey.

I woke up this morning at 4 am and gathered together all the stuff i would need for the next 12 hours of my life. I went to catch the first bus of the day.


Took the metro to the centrum, to my gym.


Killed my legs as the first thing when walking up all these stairs that usually take you up with no effort, but were out of order this morning.



I worked out my back with weight training and my heart with some HIIT (= high intensity interval training). Earned my shower.


Put on my face (=makeup) and walked out of the smelly basement feeling extremely good about myself. Good workout. It was around 7.55 am at this point. What could be a better start to a day?





I’m looking out to the street that is getting busyer every minute. The city is just waking up.

Spring is here. Light is here. Life is starting to take over.

I’m preapring mentally for a day of work and just enjoying this good moment. Just enjoying wasting my time.



With kind regards….


Your smart-looking Sales Person… ..miia.


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