Honestly blue.

The alarm rings.

I take the phone and check the news. Boston. Are you kidding me? This can’t be true.Then i continue my daily routine to Facebook. She has died. A person i know from Härmä (and was a good friend of my father) has died. This makes me wanna sink back under the blanket and ignore the fact that i would need to be making my way to work.

It’s never easy to say goodbye. Lately i have been saying goodbye too much. To something i like. To someone i like. To some things that could have been wonderful.

But fact is, we can’t be negative for forever. Like in the front row of an attack at war, we can’t stay lying there on the ground when the enemy is shooting at us. We need to stand up and make our best way forward.

And never forget that goodbye is not always the end of something – it might as well be a start.



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