Dear Julia,

i say this with a genuine heart: i am so happy the winter months in Cuvin are over. I know you know i’m a bad liar, so what i’m saying must be true.

But despite your best efforts to encourage us to not give up the hope on summer arriving here, too, i am getting closer and closer to the edge…..


This is what greeted me when i opened my room door and came into the living room this morning. For a person like me, who loves warmth, the summer and the sun, this is pure torture.

But my fighter-nature won’t let me give up yet. There is always hope. And thank goodness there are a lot of things in my life to keep the spirits up….. like food. The gym. A run in the forest. All these butterflies in my stomach. Friends. Good songs on my playlist. And most of all, this:


Coffee. (Lots of it.)

So we really shall not give up. Be aware, winter – we’re gonna kick your ass!



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