Don’t you worry child.

There is an end to all those creepy winter awful months. Maybe not in Finland yet, but they are surely coming. I promise you. Okay, we still might have some rain left, but seriously. The winter is over in Cuvin. Declare it on the streets! We can take off our jackets and drink a cup of tea in the garden. We can get home when there is still light!!a So we tried to catch up with our 70-year old super hero of neighbour and did some work in the garden. N is pruning trees. And loving it. At the same time.b Tree surgery, just after climbing and motorbikes in favourite things to do. (not a joke).c This is Pongo. She belongs to the house. Lived here long before us. Her mum is tiny and has three legs. She lives here too. Pongo is very intense and way much stronger than she thinks. We are a bit similar. That’s why we fall out every now and then. e Some brave cherry blossoms. gMe and Pongo, having some bonding time after an argument.




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